Artist Statement

I aim to uphold a sense of wonder in every aspect of my work and life. My inspiration comes from dreams, travels, moments of intense feeling, nature and poetry.

Materials are an important starting point for my work. I use a lot of recycled and found materials and reconstruct them. The process of studying the object or material by treating it in some way - the handcraft - is essential to my work. I build wooden canvases that aren't paintings but objects in the space, like artefacts to contemplate upon. They have layers and depth, they can be like secret doors or boxes that contain something wondrous.

I am a wanderer. I search for new worlds that can be found on travels to other countries or in the most ordinary everyday life. There can be a whole universe inside a marble or in the light shining through foliage. I feel color strongly. I want to express moments of being fully alive: intense moments when I feel like I merge into one with an experience, emotion and color.

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