Sunday, October 10, 2010

Art route in De Wijk - Ijhorst, the Netherlands

Home Flight

I travel a lot between Finland and Holland. I don’t feel I belong in my home country but I’m not at home in foreign countries either. There is always a question in my mind “where do I belong?” Only time I am free of this questioning is when I travel. I don’t need to feel I belong to a train or an airplane. I am in a between –state. So paradoxically I feel most comfortable and at home while I am travelling.

I know an object, whether it is a house or a mug, does not last forever. Yet I believe it does. My mind cannot comprehend that an object could contain a possibility not to exist. I perceive the world as ever being without a possibility of it not being.

“A house constitutes a body of images that give mankind proofs or illusions of stability.”

(Gaston Bachelard, Poetics of Space, 1992)

When I live in a house I believe it to be stable. When I come to realize its instability I feel betrayed. When my grandfather died, my grandparents’ house was sold and torn down. I went to see what had been done to the property and was shocked. The house, garden and trees were gone, there was nothing left but ground. A year later a new house had been built there, trees cut down and grass had been covered by pavement. Without knowing the location I couldn’t have recognized it. I kept wondering about the intensity of the shock it caused. It made me realize I can think I know things are not everlasting but still I don’t really know it, not even when I see it.

“It is not necessarily at home that we best encounter our true selves. The furniture insists that we cannot change because it does not; the domestic setting keeps us tethered to the person we are in ordinary life, who may not be who we essentially are.”

(Alain de Botton)

When I travel I don’t get the feeling of being betrayed. I am on my way to somewhere; I inhabit a change and even become one with it. Just like “furniture insists that we cannot change” so does a travel insist that I am constantly changing. I feel freedom while travelling; I am free of trying to belong and to behave in a certain way.

Installation at Kunstvlaai art fair, Amsterdam, 2010, size 3mx3mx2,5m

Power of copy, Xuzhou Museum of art, Xuzhou, China

Applied arts dept Sandberg Instituut paricipated the show Power of Copy in Xuzhou Museum of art, Xuzhou, China

DOEN Materiaalprijs nomination 2009

Dutch design week, Eindhoven 2009
(no title) 2009 materials: plasti bowls, crocheted yarn

grandparents' house


My grandparents’ house.

It stayed the same,

I would always know where to find things, mints, a phonebook, a comb...

The house was torn down, it exists no more

The house started to come to my dreams.

House can be half empty, furniture changes.

I find new rooms, up close to the ceiling or under the floor.

They are small and narrow spaces,

between-places, dream- and memory places.

"Moon" 2009

(Pictures from the solo show "Parallel worlds" at Gallery BE19 Helsinki, Finland)

I had a dream I travelled to the Moon. It felt so real that after that everytime I looked at the Moon I was sure I had been there. In the dream I felt that I was complitely alone in a place that was exciting, strange and isolated from everything else. What fascinated me most was the fact that I really enjoyed that loneliness. I was having an adventure inside my mind, in my subconscious. I don’t need company in that place. It’s my own world. That is also very self-centered way to think. It’s like I wouldn’t want to face the real world.

When I actually started my work many things changed. I was in a new country, in a strange place and I unconsciously started to combine my moon world and this new world where I was. Everyday I walked to school through a park. That felt comforting to me at least of two reasons. Firstly, it was beautiful and secondly, it was something that was stable. A new country felt chaotic and I needed something safe. In the beginning I was going to make the moonlandscape a cold place. But I needed a safe place. A place that I could feel comfortable in and I think that is the biggest reason my Moon started to become warm. And a surface of it started to look like the park I walked through at mornings.

Being in the Moon or in a new country is like being in chaos. I decided to jump into chaos but same time I couldn’t stand it. I can’t stay in chaos without trying to organize it. It is like a part of me is willing to change and another part of me wants to change the surroundings. There is always the tension between. I go to a new place because I want to grow but in the new place I immediately start to look for safety.