Friday, April 14, 2017

Ireland Made Me Dance

Residency at The Burren College of Art September - October 2016

It's impossible not to think of the subject of landscape when you're at the Burren, Ireland. Last years I've been focusing on illustration and creating miniature scenes. My plan for the residency was a project related to those fields as well. Maybe it was the right time, maybe it was the place and but it woke something up in me. I did things in Ireland I had never done and never would have thought of doing. I went Ceili dancing. If you'd know me, you'd know I don't dance, ever. I remember saying to my fellow artist in residence that "Ireland made me dance". And I started painting. I often hiked to Gleninagh Castle or climbed up to Cappanawalla mountain and felt closer to nature and landscape. Only at my last days at the residency I started plein-air painting. After the residency I have continued plein-air ainting in Finland ever since.

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